What’s the best way to create my trail?

Just like there is no one right path through life, there is not one right way to share your trail! Don’t stress about the starting point — you can add, edit and rearrange the order at any time. We recommend starting with 5-10 key milestones that feel meaningful in your life so far. Write as much or as little as you’d like to, and come back to add to your trail as inspiration hits and as you experience new milestones. Still not sure where to start? Get inspired by these trails!

Why do you ask for my identities?

We ask for this optional information on your profile so that women may filter trails to explore those of women who share their same identities (ethnicity, ability and sexual orientation) because it’s important to see the journeys of people who “look” like us.

Do I need to use my real name / can I be anonymous?

It’s your trail, so it’s your choice. Use your real name or an anonymous screen name on OwnTrail - whichever feels most comfortable to you.

If you tend to share your personal journey with others over mentoring coffees and speaking engagements, sharing your real name can be a way to own your story and share it with others curious about your path. For some women, sharing the identities you hold and the milestones you’ve experienced without tying that information to your real name is a great way to give back. Both are valuable scenarios that add to the greater mission of empowering women with our collective experiences.

I have another question/idea. How can I get in touch?

We are building OwnTrail with our users’ needs at the forefront. If you have any ideas for how this platform could better serve you, we would love to hear them! Please drop us a note at feedback@owntrail.com. If you or your organization would like to collaborate with us, please reach out to partnerships@owntrail.com.