About Us

There’s no one right path through life. Own yours.

OwnTrail was founded for womxn to share their life journeys, find inspiration and solidarity from the unique paths of others to then blaze their own trail and inspire others.

Through these acts of micro-mentorship, every woman can see herself and be seen, bridging the gap between inspiration and action to make meaningful change in our lives...and our world.

Our Values

  • Authenticity

    When we show up fully as ourselves, everyone benefits. Save the filters and the fillers, and be true to you.
  • Inclusivity

    There’s beauty — and power — in our many identities and experiences. We embrace this in how we share ideas and make decisions as well as what we put out into the world.
  • Transparency

    Openness and trust are essential to building empathy, compassion and change.
  • Growth mindset

    Challenges are necessary for progress. Feedback and failure are part of learning. And we celebrate that growth and learning is never complete.
  • Safety

    Emotional and physical safety is fundamental for success in any context. We foster an environment where both can thrive.

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If you have feedback about OwnTrail, please send it to feedback@owntrail.com

If you are interested in exploring partnerships with us, please email partnerships@owntrail.com

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